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Topgolf Expands to St. Louis Midtown: A Modern Twist on the Classic Game

Topgolf Expands to St. Louis Midtown: A Modern Twist on the Classic Game

Key Points:

  • Topgolf’s St. Louis Midtown venue will officially open its doors on October 20.
  • Located at 3201 Chouteau Avenue, this will be Topgolf’s 92nd global venue and 82nd in the U.S.
  • The new facility will offer more than just golf, featuring an array of amenities like a full-service restaurant and a rooftop terrace.

Unveiling a New Experience: Topgolf St. Louis Midtown

Scheduled to open on October 20, Topgolf has made waves by announcing its second location in Missouri, located in the heart of St. Louis Midtown at 3201 Chouteau Avenue. This establishment marks the 92nd venue in Topgolf’s global outreach and the 82nd in the United States.

Golf for All: The Sport’s Democratic Frontier

As a leader in modern golf entertainment, Topgolf’s model welcomes all, from novices who have never picked up a golf club to seasoned players looking to perfect their swing. In a relaxed environment, patrons can try their hand at hitting oversized targets in the field or opt for virtual courses and signature games like Angry Birds. Interestingly, Topgolf doesn’t discriminate between good and bad shots, celebrating each as part of the experience.

The Workforce and The Workspace

With an anticipated employment of approximately 400 “Playmakers” ranging from bay hosts to bartenders, Topgolf St. Louis Midtown is set to be a significant local employer. The venue will feature 102 climate-controlled outdoor hitting bays across three levels, each furnished with lounge-type seating or high-top tables, giving groups the space to cheer or critique each other’s performances. Additionally, the venue incorporates Topgolf’s proprietary Toptracer technology, which provides data metrics on each golf ball’s flight path and distance.

Beyond the Tees: The “Not Golf” Experience

Topgolf aims to be more than just a venue for hitting golf balls. The St. Louis Midtown location will offer a full-service restaurant led by executive chefs, a rooftop terrace with fire pits, and over 200 HDTVs. For those interested in private gatherings, event rooms and an outdoor area equipped with backyard games are also available.

Voices of Endorsement

Topgolf COO Gen Gray expressed her enthusiasm: “We’re so excited to bring more play to St. Louis and invite everyone to enjoy our ‘golf’ and our ‘not golf’ experience.” St. Louis 11th Ward Alderwoman Laura Keys and Saint Louis University President Fred P. Pestello, Ph.D., also backed the venue’s arrival, hailing it as a thrilling recreational opportunity and a significant investment in the St. Louis region, respectively.

Through its unique blend of traditional golf and modern amenities, Topgolf St. Louis Midtown promises to be a dynamic addition to the local scene, fulfilling the brand’s mission of making golf more inclusive and fun for everyone.

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