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How Much Does Topgolf Cost? The Complete 2023 Pricing Guide

How Much Does Topgolf Cost? The Complete 2023 Pricing Guide

Key Points

  • Topgolf offers a variety of pricing models based on factors like location, time, and type of bay.
  • Considering a membership at Topgolf can yield cost savings for frequent visitors.
  • Your Topgolf outing might include additional costs such as food, beverages, and special in-game options.

Introduction: Understanding Topgolf Pricing

So you’ve decided to indulge in a day of modern golf entertainment but are left wondering: How much does Topgolf cost? Whether you’re a seasoned golfer or just someone who wants to have a good time, Topgolf has been the go-to destination for many. However, the costs can vary significantly based on several factors like your choice of bay, the time of your visit, and even the location. In this comprehensive 2023 guide, we’re diving deep into what you can expect to spend at Topgolf, covering everything from standard bay costs to exclusive VIP memberships. Knowing the breakdown can help you plan a fun day without any unexpected financial surprises.

Topgolf Bay Rental Costs: What You Need to Know

One of the primary costs you’ll encounter at Topgolf is the price for renting a bay. Whether you’re curious about how much is Topgolf per person or how much a bay at Topgolf will set you back, you’ll find your answers here.

General Bay Costs

If you’re planning a casual visit, general bay rentals will likely be your first pick. Prices are often set by the hour and vary depending on whether you’re visiting during peak or off-peak hours. For instance, weekends are generally more expensive due to high demand. If you’re wondering “how much is Topgolf per hour,” prices can range anywhere from $25 to $50 per hour depending on the time and location.

VIP Bay Costs

For those looking to experience Topgolf at its most luxurious, VIP bays offer several additional amenities like a private waiter, premium seating, and often, a better view of the field. As you might expect, this comes at a premium cost. If exclusivity is what you’re after, and you’re pondering “how expensive is Topgolf if I go VIP?”, you could be looking at rates that are roughly 50% higher than general bay costs.

Considering Topgolf Membership Options

One effective way to reduce the ‘how much does Topgolf cost per person’ conundrum is to consider a membership. Memberships are particularly useful for those who plan on visiting frequently.

Standard Membership

A standard membership typically comes with some nominal benefits like free club rentals and some minor discounts on bay rates. If you’re a regular but not a frequent visitor, this might be a cost-effective choice.

VIP Membership

For the enthusiasts who want the full Topgolf experience at every visit, VIP memberships offer the best value, albeit at a premium upfront cost. Perks include priority access to bays during peak times and significant discounts on hourly rates.

Special Game Options and Their Impact on Cost

Topgolf is not just about swinging your club; it’s about the overall experience. Several special game options can add flair to your time at the bay but also have an associated cost. It’s important to understand these nuances when considering the question, “how much does Topgolf cost per person?”

Toptracer Technology

Topgolf incorporates Toptracer technology into its game experience. This feature allows you to track the flight of the ball, the angle at which it was hit, and other metrics. For the statistically inclined golfer or the curious beginner, this adds another layer of interest. While this technology is generally included in the price of the bay, some premium game options may carry an additional charge.

Virtual Courses

Apart from the standard target-based games, Topgolf also offers virtual golf courses where you can play a full 18 holes without ever leaving your bay. The costs for accessing these virtual courses could be extra, so make sure to inquire if this feature intrigues you.

Food and Beverage: Extra Costs to Consider

One can’t talk about a trip to Topgolf without discussing the available food and beverage options. Whether you plan to make a meal out of it or just grab some snacks and drinks, the culinary side of Topgolf has something for everyone.

Standard Menu Costs

Topgolf offers a variety of culinary delights, from classic American fast food to more gourmet options. The prices are in line with what you might expect at a casual dining restaurant. If you’re curious about how these extras could inflate your total Topgolf expenditure, think along the lines of $10-$20 per person for food and another $5-$15 for beverages.

Premium Packages

For larger groups or special occasions, Topgolf offers food and drink packages that can be added to your bay rental. These can range from simple appetizer platters to full-course meals and are priced accordingly.

Comparing Topgolf to Other Recreational Activities

When contemplating the question, “how much does Topgolf cost?” it might be useful to compare it to other recreational activities or entertainment options. Knowing how Topgolf stacks up against other choices can help you determine its relative value.

Topgolf vs. Traditional Golf

If you’re a golf enthusiast, your alternative to a day at Topgolf might be a day at a traditional golf course. Greens fees at public courses can vary widely but often start at around $25 for 18 holes during off-peak times. Add in cart rental, and possibly a caddy, and the costs can quickly escalate. At a more upscale course, you could easily be looking at $100 or more. Given these figures, Topgolf presents a competitive alternative, particularly when you consider the added amenities and the absence of weather-related disruptions.

Topgolf vs. Other Entertainment Venues

Maybe you’re not a dedicated golfer but are looking for a fun day out. Compared to other venues like a day at an amusement park, a concert, or a sports event, Topgolf tends to fall in a similar or slightly lower price range, especially when you consider the cost of tickets, food, and parking at these other venues.

Seasonal Promotions and Membership Plans: Maximizing Value

When you’re looking to understand “how much does Topgolf cost,” it’s essential to explore available discounts and promotions. Topgolf frequently offers seasonal specials and membership plans designed to provide a more economical experience.

Holiday and Off-Peak Specials

Topgolf often has holiday promotions or special pricing during off-peak hours. These promotions are ideal for those flexible with their schedules and can offer a significant cost savings. Always check the Topgolf website or app for current promotions before booking.

Membership Plans

For the regular visitor, membership plans can offer excellent value. These plans usually include benefits like priority bay access, game discounts, and even food and beverage perks. Memberships come at different tiers, so you can pick a plan that suits your frequency of play and desired amenities.

Group Events and Corporate Outings: Bulk Savings

Another layer to the “how much does Topgolf cost” question comes into play when you’re considering booking a bay for a group or corporate outing.

Group Packages

Topgolf offers group event packages that include game play, food, and drinks. These packages are designed to offer a complete experience for special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, or work events. Often, the per-person cost in such packages is lower than if everything were purchased separately.

Corporate Discounts

Companies looking for a unique team-building event often turn to Topgolf. Corporate packages may include meeting spaces, AV equipment, and customized food and beverage options. Discounts are usually available for these bulk bookings.

Location Matters: Cost Variation Across Sites

It’s also worth noting that Topgolf pricing can vary by location due to differences in local market conditions. In bigger cities or high-cost-of-living areas, you might find that prices for bay rentals and food are slightly higher. This is a crucial factor when asking, “how much is a bay at Topgolf?”

The Hidden Costs: Parking, Equipment, and Merchandise

Lastly, let’s discuss some additional costs that could be easy to overlook but can add up.


While most Topgolf locations offer free parking, some situated in dense urban areas might require a parking fee or valet service. Make sure to account for this in your total cost calculation.

Equipment and Merchandise

Although club rentals are usually included in your bay fee, you might be tempted by special equipment or Topgolf-branded merchandise available for purchase on-site.

In the end, “how much does Topgolf cost” is not a straightforward question. The answer varies depending on multiple factors, including the type of bay you book, additional game features, food and drinks, and even the location. By understanding each of these components, you can tailor your Topgolf outing to fit your budget and needs. It’s about more than just the cost per hour or per person; it’s about the value you get from the overall experience. Keep these factors in mind the next time you’re planning a trip to Topgolf, and you’re more likely to walk away feeling like you’ve gotten a hole-in-one when it comes to value.

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