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What is TGL Golf? Your Complete Guide to Tiger Woods & Rory McIlroy’s TMRW Initiative

What is TGL Golf? Your Complete Guide to Tiger Woods & Rory McIlroy’s TMRW Initiative

Introduction to TGL Golf and Its Mission

The Golf League (TGL) is a groundbreaking venture aimed at revolutionizing professional golf. Spearheaded by legendary golfers Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy, TGL is set to introduce a tech-fused, innovative format to the sport, encapsulating shorter match durations, player mic-ups, and a blend of established and rising golf talent. The league is set to tee off in January 2024, offering a fresh, engaging experience to golf enthusiasts globally.

Founders of TGL

TGL is the brainchild of Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy, in collaboration with sports executive Mike McCarley and TMRW Sports. Their combined expertise and passion for golf are the driving forces behind TGL’s innovative concept. Woods and McIlroy’s involvement not only adds a layer of credibility but also an element of excitement, as they have been nurturing this idea for two years prior to its announcement.

What is TMRW?

TMRW Sports, the parent company behind TGL, was founded in the fall of 2022 with notable initial investors including Stephen Curry. It continues to build its team, aiming for a successful launch of TGL in January 2024. TMRW Sports is integral to TGL’s operations, setting the stage for a tech-focused golf league that blends advanced technology with live golf action.

Origin and Objectives of TGL

TGL’s inception is rooted in the desire to create a modern, engaging golf league. Its unique format comprises six teams, each having four players, with three players representing their teams during a match. This novel approach aims to make professional golf more engaging and accessible to a broader audience, blending traditional golfing excellence with tech-infused innovations.

The Unique Concept

The league stands out with its format of 15 virtual 18-hole matches played in a custom-built, state-of-the-art arena, each season. The shorter match durations and player mic-ups are distinctive features aiming to enhance viewer engagement and bring fans closer to the action.

Player Roster

The league boasts a mix of established and emerging talent. With 18 PGA Tour players forming the teams, personalities like Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy alongside other confirmed participants such as Matt Fitzpatrick, Tommy Fleetwood, and Rickie Fowler will grace the league, enriching the TGL experience with a blend of expertise and fresh talent.

Cities Involved

TGL has a broad reach with teams from cities like Los Angeles, Atlanta, Boston, and New York. These cities are not just hosts but are intricately tied to the league’s identity, reflecting a blend of golfing tradition and modern urban culture​​.


SoFi Center, a purpose-built venue in Palm Beach, is at the heart of TGL’s match experience. The modern facility is equipped with a gigantic simulator screen and a dynamic short-game complex, promising an unrivaled golfing experience to both players and fans​.

Regular Season and Format

TGL’s inaugural season is structured around a 15-match regular season, culminating in a series of semifinals and finals. Each match, set in a modern match-play format, is engineered to last two hours, encapsulating the essence of TGL’s innovative approach to golf​. The season starts January 9, 2024​ and will air on Monday nights.

How to Watch

ESPN has secured a multi-year deal to broadcast TGL, ensuring fans have multiple viewing options. The matches will air on ESPN or ESPN2 and be simulcast on the ESPN+ streaming service, starting with the league’s first two matches on January 9 and January 16, 2024​2​.

Financial Incentives

The financial framework of TGL is yet to be fully disclosed, but with high-profile investors and a tech-centric approach, it’s poised to offer lucrative opportunities for players and stakeholders alike.

TGL, with its star-studded founders and innovative format, is more than just a league; it’s a spectacle of modern golf. Owned by TMRW Sports and backed by a roster of renowned players, TGL is on course to transform professional golf, making each match a blend of tradition and innovation.

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