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TGL’s Inaugural Season Postponed to 2025: Tiger Woods, Rory McIlroy, and Partners React

TGL’s Inaugural Season Postponed to 2025: Tiger Woods, Rory McIlroy, and Partners React

Key Points

  • TGL’s inaugural season postponed to early 2025 due to dome damage.
  • No injuries reported; majority of technology remains intact.
  • Tiger Woods, Rory McIlroy, and partners share their perspectives.

Overnight on Tuesday, November 14, a significant setback occurred at the construction site of TGL’s new venue. A failure in the temporary power system, along with backup systems, led to the deflation and subsequent damage of the air-supported dome section. Fortunately, this incident resulted in no injuries, and most of the technology at the site was not affected.

In light of this event, and after thorough discussions with key stakeholders — including players, team ownership groups, PGA TOUR leadership, and commercial partners SoFi, ESPN, and Palm Beach State College — a collective decision was made to postpone the start of the TGL season until early 2025. This decision was reached considering various factors such as potential short-term solutions, construction timelines, player schedules, and the primetime sports television calendar.

Despite the delay, the enthusiasm for the future of TGL remains high. Plans and timelines are being updated with confidence that this extension will enhance the delivery of the league. Prominent figures in the golfing world have expressed their thoughts on this development.

Tiger Woods, a firm believer in TGL, expressed his continued excitement and confidence in the concept, despite the need for adjustments in timelines. Rory McIlroy shared mixed feelings of disappointment and anticipation, emphasizing the importance of safety and looking forward to a stronger launch.

Rosalyn Durant from ESPN, Anthony Noto of SoFi, and Arthur M. Blank, the owner of Atlanta Drive GC, all reiterated their support and optimism for the league’s future success. They view this delay as an opportunity to refine the concept and strengthen fan engagement.

Statements from Fenway Sports Group of Boston Common Golf, Alexis Ohanian of Los Angeles Golf Club, Andrew B. Cohen of TGL New York, Marc Lasry of TGL San Francisco, and Dr. Ava L. Parker of Palm Beach State College also conveyed unwavering support and anticipation for the league’s innovative approach.

Mike McCarley, Co-Founder and CEO of TMRW Sports, acknowledged the disappointment but focused on the safety and continued support from all involved parties. The collective sentiment is one of resilience and determination to make TGL a groundbreaking success in 2025.

Chip Greenway, an ardent golf enthusiast and writer, brings a unique and knowledgeable perspective to golf journalism. His profound passion for golf, rooted in his childhood, has shaped his distinct fan-based approach, evident in his engaging and detailed writings. Through "Greenway’s Fairway," his blog, Chip delivers heartfelt stories and analyses, blending his personal playing experiences with the sport's rich history and spirit. His contributions extend beyond journalism, as he actively promotes golf's camaraderie and cultural significance within his local community. EMAIL: Quote from Chip Greenway "Golf is more than a game; it's a culture and a community, and through my writing, I aim to capture its spirit and celebrate its rich history with fellow enthusiasts."

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