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Alex Morgan, Michelle Wie West Join High-Profile Ownership Group of TGL Golf League Franchise

Alex Morgan, Michelle Wie West Join High-Profile Ownership Group of TGL Golf League Franchise

U.S. soccer superstar Alex Morgan and former U.S Women’s Open champion Michelle Wie West have officially become members of the star-studded ownership group of the Los Angeles Golf Club (LAGC). The announcement heralds a new era as LAGC enters the innovative, technology-focused golf league dubbed TGL, set to commence in January 2024.

The ambitious TGL project brainchild of golf icons Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy, presents a visionary and dynamic approach to the sport. Its gamified format, heightened by technological advancements, is designed to pull in younger audiences.

Alex Morgan’s entry into this promising venture comes with a newfound golfing passion, while Wie West bank on her golf expertise. They join an impressive ownership team list with names like the Williams sisters – Serena and Venus, internet entrepreneur Alexis Ohanian, and National Basketball Association (NBA) star Giannis Antetokounmpo among others.

TGL anticipates teams participating across the globe, portrayed as a “tech-infused golf league”, and set to start with six teams, three-player rosters, and a 15-match schedule. Other franchises already onboard include Boston, New York, and Atlanta owned by Fenway Sports Group, Steve Cohen, and Arthur Blank respectively.

### 3 Key Points:

* TGL’s unique Flavor: The blend of technology with golf in TGL is seen to “democratise golf.” The league aims to make the sport more accessible by reducing time constraints and bringing the game to more people, even those living in city-scapes.

* Community Engagement: LAGC has professed to donate ten percent of their sponsorship revenue to a variety of community-driven programs throughout Southern California, reinforcing their commitment to giving back to society.

* Broadcasting Strategies: ESPN is reportedly on the brink of obtaining the broadcast rights for TGL, which marks a significant stepping stone towards reaching global audiences.

LAGC’s commitment spans beyond the sport as the owners intend on both enriching the golfing sector and generating opportunities for female athletes. The possibility of mixed team events and greater inclusion of women in the sport are some exciting prospects swirling around TGL. They hope to introduce new playing dynamics shaping the golf industry for the modern age.

As the countdown to TGL’s launch begins, all eyes are set on its revolutionary potential to reshape the conventional landscape of golf, making it more relatable, engaging, and enjoyable to the new age golf enthusiasts.

Chip Greenway stands out in golf journalism with his passionate and knowledgeable perspective as a self-taught, part-time writer and full-time fan. His journey with golf started in childhood, leading to a deep passion that now fuels his unique fan-based approach to reporting on the sport. From his blog "Greenway’s Fairway," Chip offers detailed, heartfelt stories and analyses that resonate with golf enthusiasts, celebrating the sport's history and spirit. His articles, infused with his own playing experiences, are vivid and engaging, capturing the essence of golf beyond just the technicalities. Chip also contributes to his local golf community, promoting the sport's camaraderie. His work not only enriches golf journalism but also inspires a deeper appreciation of the game's cultural significance. EMAIL: Quote from Chip Greenway "Golf is more than a game; it's a culture and a community, and through my writing, I aim to capture its spirit and celebrate its rich history with fellow enthusiasts."

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