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Patrick Cantlay Confirms PGA Tour Commitment Amidst LIV Golf Speculation

Patrick Cantlay Confirms PGA Tour Commitment Amidst LIV Golf Speculation

3 Key Points

  • Patrick Cantlay rejects LIV Golf offers, remains on the PGA Tour.
  • Cantlay downplays influence on PGA Tour policy board.
  • Ryder Cup hat controversy addressed, relations with McIlroy are cordial.

Patrick Cantlay’s Stance on LIV Golf

PGA Tour golfer Patrick Cantlay has put an end to circulating rumors, reaffirming his loyalty to the PGA Tour and dismissing prospects of linking up with the LIV Golf series. The Sentry Tournament of Champions in Maui marks the continuation of this commitment. “I have no plans on joining LIV. I don’t plan on joining LIV. I see myself playing on the PGA Tour,” Cantlay stated firmly in an interview with’s Dylan Dethier.

Cantlay’s Record and Future Prospects

With eight career victories and ten Top-10 finishes in the previous season, Cantlay remains steadfast in his Tour allegiance. Playing at an elite level, he’s ranked No. 5 in both the FedExCup and Official World Golf Rankings as he heads into the 2024 season.

Negotiations with LIV Golf

Despite prior meetings with LIV Golf representatives, Cantlay has rejected offers pre and post his addition to the PGA Tour’s policy board. “I declined offers,” he disclosed, emphasizing his decision came quickly upon reviewing the most recent proposal with his management team.

PGA and LIV Golf Relationship

The future dynamics between PGA Tour and LIV Golf remain uncertain as they enter the 2024 season. With a partnership initially announced in June, a detailed plan with the DP World Tour expected by the end of the year is yet to be realized. Despite this, PGA Tour commissioner Jay Monahan conveyed optimism about ongoing progress.

Cantlay’s Policy Board Involvement

Since joining the policy board, Cantlay takes his role seriously, rebuffing claims of exerting overpowering influence over the Tour’s direction. “It would be impossible for any one player to take control,” he expressed, considering the governance structure and board voting requirements.

The Ryder Cup Hat Controversy and Team Unity

Addressing last Ryder Cup’s heated moments, Cantlay cleared the air about his hat-less appearance, citing fit as the reason rather than any form of protest. Moreover, he confirmed the team’s unity, specifying there was “zero divide” among the US players.

Resolving Tensions with Rory McIlroy

Regarding the conflict involving his caddie, Joe LaCava, and Rory McIlroy, Cantlay highlighted that apologies have been exchanged and a peaceful rapport has been reestablished with McIlroy. “I think we’re both highly competitive and we’re both trying to be the absolute best,” Cantlay remarked on their relationship, validating that any tensions post-Ryder Cup have been smoothed over.

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