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PGA Legend Jack Burke, Jr. Passes Away at Age 100

PGA Legend Jack Burke, Jr. Passes Away at Age 100

Remembering Jack Burke, Jr.

  • 1956 Masters and PGA Champion Jack Burke, Jr. dies just shy of 101st birthday.
  • Accomplished pro golfer with 16 PGA Tour titles and six U.S. Ryder Cup Team appearances.
  • Renowned for off-field contributions and co-founding Houston’s Champions Golf Club.

Jack Burke, Jr.’s Golf Legacy

On a somber day for the golf world, Jack Burke, Jr., affectionately known as “Jackie” to friends, passed away mere days before his 101st birthday. His passing marks the end of a chapter for a player whose skill and personality deeply ingrained him in the fabric of the sport.

Burke was notably the second golfer to earn the Masters and PGA Championship in the same calendar year, a feat he accomplished in 1956. A prominent figure within professional golf, Burke boasted an impressive 16 PGA Tour victories throughout his career.

A fixture in Ryder Cup history, Burke made significant contributions to the American teams, both as a capable player and a sage leader, spanning multiple decades.

Early Life and Career

Born into the world of golf in 1923 in Texas, Jack Burke, Jr.’s journey began under the tutelage of his father, Jack Sr., a prominent professional and U.S. Open runner-up. After his time at Rice University and service in the Marines, Burke’s official foray into golf took flight, seeing him work alongside Claude Harmon before earning his stripes on the PGA Tour.

His zenith came in the 1950s, with a string of successes that solidified his reputation as a top competitor. Burke’s story reached a climax with his dramatic win at the first televised Masters, followed by his PGA Championship triumph.

Contributions to Golf

Beyond the fairway, Burke’s impact resiliently resonates throughout golf. Known for his wisdom and wit, he made his mark not only through his game but also through his mentorship, wit, and sportsmanship, as fondly remembered by peers, including the great Gary Player.

His humorous insights into the game, frequently sprinkled with life lessons, left an indelible mark on the golfing community. Coupled with his role in founding Champions Golf Club alongside Jimmy Demaret, Burke’s legacy is enduring and multifaceted.

Augusta National Archive

Awards and Accolades

Honored for his lifelong achievements, Burke was inducted into the World Golf Hall of Fame in 2000. The accolades didn’t stop there, as he also received the PGA Tour Lifetime Achievement Award and the USGA’s Bob Jones Award for his dedication to the game he loved.

Sharing more than just historical moments with icons like Tiger Woods, Burke’s locker at Augusta National symbolizes a bridge between generations of golfing greats.

With the passing of this centenarian and golfing giant, the sport mourns a man who was not only a champion on the course but a cherished figure off it. Jack Burke, Jr.’s memory will live on, forever a part of golf’s storied past.

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