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Devon Quigley Remembered: Reflections and Tributes at Celebration of Life

Devon Quigley Remembered: Reflections and Tributes at Celebration of Life

3 Key Points

  • Devon Quigley’s life celebrated after his passing, reflecting courage and inspirational battle post-accident.
  • Golf community honors Devon’s legacy and passion for the sport with an establishment of a courage award.
  • Charitable initiatives established in memory of Devon, supporting golf programs and medical aid organizations.

Devon Quigley’s Inspiring Journey

In West Palm Beach, Devon Quigley, the son of renowned golfer Dana Quigley, was recently honored for the passion with which he lived his life and the bravery he displayed following a critical car accident over a decade ago. This incident, while deeply tragic, served to fortify the Quigley family’s connection with their faith. Devon’s fight ended on October 28, leaving a storied legacy at the age of 39.

A Father’s Reflection

Dana Quigley spoke eloquently at the Trump International Golf Club, where the celebration of his son’s life took place. Despite the adversities faced throughout Devon’s 12-year strife post-accident, Dana held onto the assurance of both their spiritual redemption. The elder Quigley fondly reminisced about Devon’s impact not only as a son and friend but also as his caddie on the golf course.

Community Support and President Trump’s Visit

The event saw attendance from over one hundred people, including many from the Bear Lakes Country Club community where the Quigleys are esteemed members. Noteworthy was a pre-event meeting with former President Donald Trump, revealing the closeness of the golf community and their support for the Quigley family.

Golf, A Family Affair

The Quigley family bond is closely knit with the sport of golf, with Dana’s notable triumphs on the PGA Tour Champions and family members continuously excelling in the sport. Devon’s daring playstyle was a testament to his approach to life, never wavering in the face of a challenge.

Transformative Impact

Tom Randall, a former chaplain with the PGA Tour Champions, highlighted how Devon’s circumstances profoundly affected many, seen as a testament to his and his family’s faith. Furthermore, the continuous care and communication from family members exhibited the tight-knit support system that surrounded Devon after his accident.

A Legacy Honored

The Rhode Island Golf Program has instituted the Devon Quigley Courage Award, perpetuating his memory through recognizing individuals who embody the same relentless spirit. This award will identify members of the URI Golf Community who mirror Devon’s bravery and dignity.

Supporting Devon’s Legacy

In lieu of Devon’s memory, the family has directed charitable contributions to initiatives close to their hearts: the URI Golf Ram Par Fund and Clinics Can Help. These donations affirm Devon’s enduring influence and the desire of the golf community to extend his legacy through supporting others.

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