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Patrick Cantlay Teams with First Responders Foundation to Aid Families

Patrick Cantlay Teams with First Responders Foundation to Aid Families

3 Key Points

  • Patrick Cantlay pairs with First Responders Children’s Foundation (FRCF) for multi-year partnership.
  • Dedicated campaign to support wildfire-affected first responder families in Hawaii.
  • Announcement of Patrick Cantlay Scholarship for aspiring entrepreneur children of first responders.

Golf Community Gives Back: Cantlay’s New Venture

The world of golf steps beyond the green as Patrick Cantlay, world no.5 golfer, aligns with FRCF and his own foundation to aid those serving on the front lines. A fundraising initiative, spearheaded by Cantlay, targets the recovery efforts for first responder families hit by Hawaii’s recent wildfires. Contributions can be funneled via texting “STRONG” to 24365 or through the foundation’s website.

Support Through Education: The Patrick Cantlay Scholarship

Looking to empower the next generation, Cantlay’s partnership has culminated in the establishment of an educational scholarship. Beginning fall 2024, the Patrick Cantlay Scholarship will be bestowed upon children of first responders who show potential in business and entrepreneurial pursuits.

Cantlay and FRCF: A Shared Commitment

Cantlay, a former PGA TOUR Player of the Year, emphasizes the significance of supporting first responder communities. His collaboration with FRCF, a leading charity for over two decades, symbolizes a joint effort to address the hardships faced by these families. Together, their mission is to shine a light on the indispensable role first responders play and the ensuing challenges their loved ones endure.

A Champion’s Pledge: Cantlay Steps Up Off the Course

Acknowledging the dangers first responders encounter, Patrick Cantlay’s involvement is expected to help extend the foundation’s programs nationwide. Jillian Crane, the president and CEO of FRCF, celebrates Cantlay’s ambassadorship as a testament to his character, envisioning broadened support for the community they advocate for. The foundation’s commitment remains as robust as it was when it was formed, responding to the tragedies of 9/11, and has since provided substantial scholarship funds to the children of first responders.

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