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Alexis Paquin Secures 910Preps All-Stars Golf Player of the Year

Alexis Paquin Secures 910Preps All-Stars Golf Player of the Year

3 Key Points

  • Alexis Paquin stands out as the 2023 All American Conference Player of the Year in girls’ golf.
  • With an impressive 9-hole average and multiple medalist honours, she led Pine Forest to the top.
  • Her performance in the 4A state championship solidifies her status as Cumberland County’s leading golfer.

Emerging Golf Star Alexis Paquin Dominates the Season

Alexis Paquin, representing Pine Forest, has made a remarkable mark in the 2023 high school golf scene. As just a sophomore, she stands alone as the sole female golfer from Cumberland County to earn a spot in the prestigious 4A state championship, showcasing her skill on the storied fairways of the Pinehurst No. 6 course.

Paquin’s Statistically Outstanding Season

Her exceptional performance throughout the season is captured in her statistical data. Paquin achieved a remarkable 9-hole scoring average of 39.5, which is the best among her Cumberland County peers. On eight separate occasions during regular-season play, she was named the medalist, driving her team, Pine Forest, to secure the number one spot in the 2023 All American standings.

Recognition and Accolades

The impressive achievements of Paquin have not gone unnoticed. Her consistent excellence has been honored as she was named the 2023 All American Conference Player of the Year in girls’ golf. Such an accomplishment at her young age speaks volumes about her potential future in the sport.

Looking at the broader picture, The Fayetteville Observer has highlighted the Best of 910Preps high school girls’ golf all-stars for the 2023-24 season, with Paquin positioned at the forefront of this exceptional group of athletes.

In the realm of high school golf, especially within the 910 area code, Alexis Paquin’s name resonates with skill, poise, and promise. Stay tuned for further coverage on emerging talents from the region as we continue to bring you the latest from the greens.

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