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Odyssey Golf Unveils Groundbreaking Ai-ONE Putters

Odyssey Golf Unveils Groundbreaking Ai-ONE Putters

Key Points:

  • Innovative Putter Technology: Odyssey introduces Ai-ONE and Ai-ONE Milled Putters with AI-designed inserts for enhanced performance.
  • Tour-Level Approval: Professional golfers like Jon Rahm and Ruoning Yin are already showcasing the Ai-ONE Putters’ capabilities in competitions.
  • Premium Design and Availability: Available from November 3, these putters combine aesthetics with precision across multiple head shapes.

Odyssey Golf, a pioneer in putter innovation and renowned as the #1 Putter on Tour, today announced the launch of its latest putter models, the Ai-ONE and Ai-ONE Milled. These putters are designed to revolutionize the green with advanced insert technologies that provide more consistent ball speeds and accuracy, especially on off-center strikes.

The Ai-ONE putter range benefits from Callaway‘s leading-edge Artificial Intelligence capabilities, delivering a cutting-edge multi-material insert. This innovation includes precision-contoured surfaces on the back of the face to enhance the sweet spot and maintain ball speed, resulting in putts landing up to 21% closer to the hole.

Odyssey’s dedication to combining feel with function shines through with the Ai-ONE’s unique urethane insert, ensuring consistent speeds and a White Hot feel that resonates with golfers globally. The putters also feature a Panlite® window, crafted from a durable automotive-grade polymer, showcasing the intricate contours and technology within.

To cater to a variety of preferences, the putters are equipped with a lightweight SL 90 steel shaft, featuring counterbalance weights that adapt to different grip styles. The navy blue PVD finish of the putters not only adds to their performance but also gives them a distinct, premium appearance.

The Ai-ONE has already made its mark on the Tour, with top players like Jon Rahm and Ruoning Yin opting for these putters in recent competitions, signaling its readiness for the highest levels of play.

Taking it a step further, the Ai-ONE Milled putters are crafted entirely from stainless steel, boasting a 100% milled titanium insert for unmatched feel and precision. The champagne finish of these putters provides a luxe contrast to the navy blue PVD, setting a new standard for aesthetics in putting.

Both the Ai-ONE and Ai-ONE Milled putters will be available for purchase at retail and online starting November 3, with prices set at $299.99 and $449.99 respectively. The collection offers a range of head shapes to suit every golfer’s preference, ensuring that there is a perfect match for every putting style.

For more detailed information and to view the full selection of head shapes, visit the Odyssey Golf website. As these putters hit the market, they promise to elevate the game for golfers of all levels, reinforcing Odyssey’s reputation as a leader in putter technology.

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