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R&A CEO Martin Slumbers Announces Departure by Year’s End

R&A CEO Martin Slumbers Announces Departure by Year’s End

3 Key Points:

  • R&A Chief Executive Martin Slumbers sets end-of-year exit.
  • Slumbers praised for modernizing golf and enhancing The Open.
  • An executive search firm engaged to find a suitable successor.

Martin Slumbers to Depart from R&A Leadership

The golfing world is set to witness a significant leadership change as Martin Slumbers, current Chief Executive of the Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St Andrews (R&A), is slated to step down. After almost a decade of stewardship, Slumbers will conclude his tenure by the year’s conclusion.

Slumbers’ Legacy and Contributions

Slumbers, 63, has been instrumental in propelling The Open to new heights and spearheading key modernizations within the R&A. His efforts were pivotal in the overhaul of the Rules of Golf in 2019 and the introduction of the World Handicap System the following year. Furthermore, he played a crucial role in the USGA-led Distance Insights Project, which recently informed the strategic decision to adjust golf ball specifications for elite players from 2028.

Search for Successor Initiated

With a legacy of growth and inclusivity, Slumbers leaves behind a role that requires a visionary leader, and the R&A has commenced the search with the aid of an executive recruitment agency. As Slumbers departs after the Curtis Cup in early September, his commitment to ensuring golf’s prosperity is clear.

“I am grateful to have had the honor, for nearly a decade, to have been the custodian of all that the R&A and the game of golf more broadly represents,” expressed Slumbers. His move to pass the baton aligns with his belief in nurturing the next generation of leaders.

Industry Acknowledgment

The resignation brought forth acknowledgment from R&A Chairman Niall Farquharson, who commended Slumbers’ exceptional guidance during a transformative era for golf. “In Martin, we have been fortunate to have a CEO who has steered the organization through a period of growth and enhanced the profile and reputation of our sport,” said Farquharson. Slumbers’ impact is expected to resonate, reflecting a modern interpretation of a rich history, solidifying his enduring legacy with the R&A.

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