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Exploring the Iconic Plantation Course: Home to PGA Tour’s Sentry Tournament

Exploring the Iconic Plantation Course: Home to PGA Tour’s Sentry Tournament

3 Key Points

  • Kapalua’s Plantation Course, designed by Coore and Crenshaw, is a top-ranked golf venue.
  • The Course features unique challenges, including elevation changes and a longer play distance.
  • Recent updates and detailed StrackaLine yardage books enhance players’ strategic planning.

Kapalua’s Plantation Course: A Golfer’s Haven

The Sentry Tournament of Champions marks the beginning of the PGA Tour season, held at the esteemed Plantation Course in Kapalua, Hawaii. This remarkable mountainside golf course, created by the acclaimed architects Bill Coore and Ben Crenshaw, first opened its greens to players in 1991. Following a comprehensive restoration in 2019, it continues to attract golf enthusiasts and professionals alike with its superior design and beautiful landscapes.

Esteemed among golfing circuits, the Plantation Course proudly sits at number two in Hawaii’s top public-access courses list by Golfweek. It also achieves a remarkable number 17 ranking on the list of resort courses in the United States, and it is the 20th ranked public-access course nationwide.

Design and Distances

Spanning 7,596 yards, the Plantation offers a challenging par of 73, featuring a unique layout with just one par 3 on the back nine. The course’s topography allows for several downhill tee shots, and it’s common to witness drives exceeding 400 yards due to the rolling landscape. This means that despite its impressive length on paper, the course usually plays shorter, providing a strategic advantage to those players who can leverage the terrain to their benefit.

Strategic Insights with StrackaLine

To aid golfers in navigating the complexities of the course, StrackaLine provides incredibly detailed yardage books. These books are an invaluable resource in revealing the nuances of each hole, allowing golfers to plan their strategy with precision. Through StrackaLine’s meticulous course mapping, players are given a glimpse of what they will face during the tournament, from the fairways to the practice green.

As the pros take to the tees, the maps produced by StrackaLine illustrate what lies ahead: the undulating fairways, strategic green placements, and the picturesque backdrop that the Plantation Course at Kapalua offers. It’s the perfect blend of challenge and splendor, ensuring a memorable and tactical game for those walking the course.

For avid golf followers and players alike, the Plantation Course at Kapalua is more than just a playing field; it represents the pinnacle of golf design, a place where the game’s best come to test their skills. With its recent renovation and state-of-the-art planning tools, this PGA Tour stop remains a shining jewel in the crown of golf venues around the world.

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