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Top Surprises in USGA’s Handicap Index Rankings Revealed

Top Surprises in USGA’s Handicap Index Rankings Revealed

3 Key Points

  • Florida’s unexpected ranking in USGA list
  • Top and bottom states in USGA handicap index
  • Insights into the golf landscape across America

USGA Handicap Index Unveils Unexpected Standings

In a recent reveal by the United States Golf Association’s handicap index rankings, the state of Florida, synonymous with golfing paradise, finds itself at an astonishing 52nd place. Golf enthusiasts are surprised, given the state’s year-round golf-friendly weather and abundant course options.

Handicap Index Across America

The list assesses all states and territories, including Puerto Rico and Washington D.C., with rankings serving as a factual barometer of the golfer’s playing ability. With Arizona’s similarly surprising position at 44th, the data presents a fresh perspective on golf across the United States.

Where States Stand

Cold-weather regions like Alaska and Maine are predictably at the lower end of the spectrum, occupying the 47th and 49th spots, respectively. The index reflects a diverse landscape of golfing proficiency across the country, extending beyond climactic expectations.

Factual Ranking Details

In examining the statistics more closely, Northern states such as North Dakota (13.5) and states with large golfing populations like Texas (13.8) occupy the upper echelon of the rankings. This list is a testament to the wide-ranging abilities and investment in golf across various regions.


These handicap index numbers are more than mere figures; they narrate stories of golf culture and accessibility throughout the U.S. For detailed insights and a complete view of where each state stands in the USGA rankings, avid golf readers are invited to delve into the full list.

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