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LIV Golfer Harold Varner III Arrested for DUI in Charlotte

LIV Golfer Harold Varner III Arrested for DUI in Charlotte

3 Key Points

  • Harold Varner III, now a LIV Golf player, was arrested for DUI with a BAC of .16.
  • Varner had a successful season with five top-10 LIV finishes and a team championship second-place finish.
  • Previously a PGA Tour golfer, Varner openly acknowledged LIV Golf’s financial incentives for his move.

Professional Golfer Harold Varner III in DUI Incident

In a concerning development reported by WBTV, golfer Harold Varner III faced DUI charges this Thursday. Found driving with a blood alcohol content measuring double the permissible limit, Varner was processed at Mecklenburg County jail. His bail was set at $500, which he has posted, and he awaits his court appearance on January 19.

Varner’s Impactful Season with LIV Golf

Varner’s entry into the LIV Golf series was marked by significant success. During the last season, he finished fifth in the individual standings and was a key player in achieving a second-place finish for the RangeGoats in the team championship. Varner’s career earnings experienced a substantial boost, with approximately $10 million scooped from LIV events alone, including a noteworthy win near Washington D.C.

Transition from PGA to LIV Golf

Prior to his LIV Golf venture, Varner had a six-year stretch with the PGA Tour where his earnings also roughly totalled over $10 million. His performance in major tournaments remained solid, as he made the cut in both the PGA Championship and the Masters, placing tied for 29th in each. Varner’s transfer to LIV Golf was a candid decision, highly influenced by the lucrative opportunities presented by the new league. The golfer never dissembled about the financial allure being a major factor in his transition to LIV Golf.

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