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Top Golf Podcasts 2024: Your Guide to Golf Audio Entertainment

Top Golf Podcasts 2024: Your Guide to Golf Audio Entertainment

In a world where the fairways meet the airwaves, golf podcasts have emerged as the go-to source for enthusiasts seeking to blend their love for the game with the convenience of on-demand audio entertainment. As the popularity of these podcasts surges, selecting the finest from a vast array of options can be as challenging as choosing the right club for a tricky shot. In this guide, we focus on the crème de la crème of golf podcasts in 2023, chosen based on listener ratings, content quality, and the unique insights they offer into the world of golf.

Overview of Top Golf Podcasts

  1. Hidden Gems Golf – This weekly PGA preview show takes a different approach by spotlighting long-shot golfers instead of the usual favorites. It’s a treasure trove for DFS players and bettors looking for under-the-radar picks to add to their player pool, providing a unique perspective on the game’s less-known contenders​​.
  2. Golf IQ – Hosted by Golf Digest’s Luke Kerr-Dineen, this podcast delivers bite-sized doses of golf wisdom. It’s designed to elevate your understanding of the game, offering insights that can positively impact your play. Golf IQ makes learning about golf both easy and enjoyable​​.
  3. The First Cut Golf – Dive into the heart of the golf world with this podcast. It offers comprehensive tournament previews, player analyses, and captivating discussions about the sport’s pressing storylines. Hosts like Rick Gehman and Greg DuCharme provide invaluable insights for both PGA Tour DFS and betting picks​​.
  4. FAIRGAME Golf – Get an insider’s view of the game from Masters champion Adam Scott. This podcast offers a rare peek behind the scenes, sharing experiences and insights from the tour and beyond. It’s a unique opportunity to see the world of golf through the eyes of a tour pro​​.
  5. No Laying Up – This near-daily podcast is a blend of casual banter and thorough golf analysis. Hosted by a group of friends who are deeply passionate about the game, it covers PGA headlines, tournament recaps, and the golf lifestyle, making it perfect for those who enjoy a relaxed yet informative approach to golf talk​​.

In-Depth Reviews of Select Podcasts

  • The Rick Shiels Golf Show – Rick Shiels offers an engaging mix of opinions on new golf products, personal experiences, and current news in the golf world. His approachable style and well-researched takes make this podcast a hit among golfers who appreciate a blend of professional insight and relatable content. New episodes are released every Tuesday, each lasting around an hour, packed with valuable information for golf enthusiasts at all levels​​.
  • The Golfers Journal – Every two weeks, host Tim Coyne delves deep into intriguing aspects of the game. Unlike podcasts that try to cover everything, The Golfers Journal focuses on providing comprehensive coverage of specific, captivating topics. Each episode, which lasts about an hour, features a different guest, offering fresh perspectives and in-depth discussions that are sure to engage golf aficionados​​.
  • Fore Play by Barstool Sports – Fore Play stands out as one of the most entertaining golf podcasts, thanks to its candid and humorous approach. Hosts Trent, Riggs, Frankie, and Lurch offer unfiltered takes on everything from professional golf to casual rounds at the local course. This podcast is perfect for those who prefer their golf discussions to be as fun as they are informative​​.

Why Listen to Golf Podcasts?

In an age where digital content reigns supreme, golf podcasts offer a unique blend of convenience and depth. Whether you’re commuting, working out, or relaxing at home, podcasts provide a hands-free way to stay connected with the sport you love. They are a gateway to enhancing your knowledge, keeping you updated with the latest news, and even improving your game through expert tips and insights. Each podcast caters to a different facet of golf, be it history, professional insights, or game improvement, ensuring that there’s something for every golf enthusiast.

Emerging Trends in Golf Podcasts

The world of golf podcasts is constantly evolving. One notable trend is the growing focus on betting and DFS strategies, as seen in podcasts like ‘The First Cut Golf‘. These shows not only provide entertainment but also valuable insights for those looking to add an extra dimension to their enjoyment of the sport​​. Additionally, podcasts are increasingly catering to niche audiences, offering content ranging from golf course architecture to in-depth analysis of professional tours.

How to Access These Podcasts

Accessing these top golf podcasts is easier than ever. Most are available on major platforms such as Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and YouTube. These platforms provide user-friendly interfaces, making it simple to subscribe, download, and listen to your favorite shows on the go​​. Additionally, many of these podcasts have active social media pages, providing a space for listeners to engage with hosts and fellow golf enthusiasts.

Honorable Mentions: More Top-Tier Golf Podcasts to Explore

In addition to our top picks, there are several other golf podcasts that deserve recognition for their unique content and contribution to the golfing community. Here’s a roundup of other noteworthy podcasts that are worth tuning into:

  1. Beef’s Golf Club – Join Andrew ‘Beef’ Johnston for candid conversations with various figures from the golfing world, blending humor with insightful discussions.
  2. Beyond The Fairway – Dive into the diverse world of golf with this podcast that explores the cultural and social aspects of the game, going beyond traditional coverage.
  3. Local Knowledge – This podcast delves into untold stories in golf, offering in-depth analysis and interesting narratives that go beyond the headlines.
  4. Sky Sports Golf Podcast – Get the latest news, interviews, and analysis from the Sky Sports Golf team, covering major tournaments and all things golf.
  5. The Chipping Forecast – A unique podcast focusing on the future of golf, discussing emerging trends, new technologies, and the next generation of golfers.
  6. The Official Ryder Cup Podcast – Experience the excitement of the Ryder Cup through this official podcast, featuring exclusive interviews, behind-the-scenes access, and historical retrospectives.
  7. The Open Podcasts – Relive the greatest moments from The Open, with stories and reflections from some of the most iconic figures in golf.
  8. The Women’s Golf Show – Highlighting the world of women’s golf, this podcast offers insights, interviews, and coverage of women’s tournaments and players.
  9. Tour Coach with Tony Ruggiero – Listen to renowned golf coach Tony Ruggiero as he shares coaching insights, techniques, and interviews with experts in the field.
  10. Why Golf: Opinion Matters – A thought-provoking podcast that explores different opinions and perspectives within the golf industry, sparking interesting debates and discussions.

These honorable mentions represent a wide spectrum of the golf world, from technical analysis and professional insights to cultural discussions and historical retrospectives. Each of these podcasts offers a unique take on the game, ensuring that every golf enthusiast finds something that resonates with their interests.

From the in-depth knowledge of ‘The Rick Shiels Golf Show’ to the lively discussions on ‘Fore Play by Barstool Sports’, the world of golf podcasts offers a rich tapestry of content catering to every taste and interest.

As the sport continues to evolve, so too do these podcasts, providing a dynamic and engaging way to stay connected with the game. We encourage our readers to explore these podcasts and discover new ways to enjoy golf, whether you’re a seasoned player or a casual fan.

Chip Greenway, an ardent golf enthusiast and writer, brings a unique and knowledgeable perspective to golf journalism. His profound passion for golf, rooted in his childhood, has shaped his distinct fan-based approach, evident in his engaging and detailed writings. Through "Greenway’s Fairway," his blog, Chip delivers heartfelt stories and analyses, blending his personal playing experiences with the sport's rich history and spirit. His contributions extend beyond journalism, as he actively promotes golf's camaraderie and cultural significance within his local community. EMAIL: Quote from Chip Greenway "Golf is more than a game; it's a culture and a community, and through my writing, I aim to capture its spirit and celebrate its rich history with fellow enthusiasts."

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