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Xiyu Lin, also known as Janet Lin, is a rising star in the world of professional golf, captivating fans with her skill and poise on the LPGA Tour. Born on February 25, 1996, in Guangzhou, China, Lin’s journey to the world stage took root when she turned professional in 2011. Lin’s academic pursuits dovetailed with her golfing aspirations, and she attended the Guangzhou Sports University, balancing her rigorous training with educational commitments. As of the time of writing, Xiyu Lin has yet to publicly share details of a spouse or partner, maintaining a focus on her burgeoning golf career. Her success on the greens is mirrored in her financial achievements, with career earnings that have steadily risen as she notches up impressive finishes, boosting her net worth and securing her spot among golf’s contenders. While the specifics of her net worth remain undisclosed, Lin’s performance in tournaments suggests a flourishing financial trajectory within the sport. Fans and golf enthusiasts continue to follow Xiyu Lin’s career with keen interest, as she embodies the dedication and excellence that make the game of golf an enduring spectacle.

(Note: As of my knowledge cut-off in March 2023, detailed personal information such as Xiyu Lin’s net worth or information about her spouse might not be publicly available. Therefore, those details were not included in this bio. Please adjust the biography accordingly if such details become available.)

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