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Celine Boutier, a prominent name in the world of professional golf, has etched her mark on both the LPGA Tour and Ladies European Tour with her exceptional skills on the links. Having attended Duke University, Boutier boasts not only a stellar academic background but also a distinguished collegiate golf career that includes an NCAA Championship win. Her noteworthy ascent in the professional ranks reflects in her career earnings, which, alongside lucrative endorsements, contribute to her net worth – a figure of interest to fans and analysts alike. While much of Boutier’s personal life remains private, there’s a keen interest in whether she has a spouse or significant life partner, a detail that often intrigues her followers. As of my knowledge cutoff in March 2023, Celine Boutier has not publicly shared information about having a spouse. Her achievements, including multiple professional wins and a Solheim Cup appearance, make Celine Boutier a compelling figure for anyone following the LPGA Tour. Boutier’s finesse and strategic prowess continue to captivate golf enthusiasts around the globe, making her personal page a repository of her ongoing legacy in the sport of golf.

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